Gabriel Pacheco Flower Design

About Gabriel Pacheco

Gabriel Pacheco creating a flower designOriginally from Santiago, Chile and with a long-standing love of nature, Gabriel Pacheco earned his degree in forestry at Catholic University, Talca. Upon moving to the United States, his aesthetic interests expanded to flower design. He received formal training first in Western and then in Japanese Ikebana styles leading to his floral design certification in 2003, whereupon he inaugurated Gabriel Pacheco Flower Design.

A long-term resident of West Hollywood, California, Gabriel’s sophisticated yet simple signature touch has led to numerous opportunities designing for high-profile private homes, retail establishments, hospitality firms and events.

Gabriel has been a devoted student and now certified teacher of the Sogetsu School of Japanese Ikebana flower, the most contemporary of the Ikebana flower schools. Sogetsu is deeply rooted in Japanese tradition, yet embraces the evolving requirements of the modern age. Gabriel is renown for the numerous live demonstrations and exhibits he has participated in and for his work as a teaching assistant to his Sensei (Japanese teacher/master) at Pierce College and UCLA Extension.